Mind-Body Bridging

Mind-Body Bridging, a principle modality at Liberated Mind Therapy, is a method using Identity System “resting” techniques that enable you to recognize and defuse the self-defeating mental tug-of-war that exists in all of us. Mind-Body Bridging teaches to recognize how stress, fear, and thought activate the sympathetic nervous system with increased tension, pain, sleep disruption, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. When applying Mind-Body Bridging to day-to-day living, one frees themselves from a paralyzed state of mind, allowing one to live a balanced life based on their wisdom, goodness, and strength.

To begin learning about Mind-Body Bridging, please refer to the links below.  Literature and workbooks can be purchased through the Mind-Body Bridging website, just click on “BOOKS”.

Mind-Body Bridging Website:

If you are a Mental Health Professional and want to become certified in Mind-Body Bridging, please contact Dr. R.C. Morris for more information.